Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Oh, am I feeling those TEL steps today! Even Jillie was complaining to me about her legs. I think we need to start climbing steps more often. LOL

Today, I added my Photo Challenge #2 to AMM. You should see some of the photo's that are up...simply awesome! I kind of feel silly adding mine but I did complete the challenge and I am thrilled!

My day today...I will be working on website designing and trying to get a few major projects completed (only a and off my plate. Also, I need to do laundry...ugh! Just seems like a clothes explosion went off over here. Most of it is all the fall clothes coming out and getting a rewashing.

Note: I did finish linking and creating the template/logo/website for my good friends Lori & Brad for their son Carson. The site is called Carsons Cause. Check it out!

Well, off I go!

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