Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boy did Em have a BOO BOO today :(

Well, Em and I didn't have that great of a day today :(. The school called at the end of the day and said that I needed to come up ASAP because someone kicked Emilee in the face on the school playground. It was actually her eye area and it was bad :(. I had to race her to the hospital and sit in the waiting room for over 2 hours. Then finally the doctor saw us. The doctor felt that the dura bond would work the best for the area of the wound. Em is doing better but what a day :(.

I actually had started a project this morning and finally finished it once I got Em to bed. I can't sleep at all. It think my nerves are a little fried tonight. Anyway, I thought I would post the chipboard batty album I made. I still would like to add a cute sticker to the lower left of the bat's belly but that will probably not happen until the weekend.

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