Saturday, October 13, 2007

Got a package from my secret great pumpkin today - thanks! Also, spent the morning with the boys and! fun!

Okay this has been such a fun weekend to get mail. I actually received another package this weekend. This one was from my secret pumpkin. Here are all the goodies that came within this package:

Thanks to my secret great pumpkin!!! I will use these fun goodies for the girls LO's. Thank you again :)...hugs!

Today, Saturday, October 13th, was a fun morning with my sister, her boys, and my 2 younger daughters. I actually took some really cute pictures of the kids at the Lakeshore Learning Store but I deleted all 10 of them by accident. I was so bummed yesterday becuase I did that :(. They were adorable pictures to, and very colorful ones! I have no clue what I did and how I deleted them. UGH!!!! Makes me so mad when stuff like that happens. I did retake a picture of what Emilee created at the LL store (see her cute spider below). Every Saturday the Lakeshore Learning Store has craft day for the kids. About 7 to 8 tables are set up within the store for the kids to make cute crafts. Here is an adorable spider that my Em made:

creator Emilee O - age 6 year old

The girls also made journals, a picture frame and other drawing and painting type projects. The site for the store is, check it out! I also got some great chore charts for the kids at this store. Just thought I would add that incase anyone is looking for some reusable chore charts the LL store has them. I am still bummed that I don't have the pictures to add with the kids actually making the crafts...whaaa!

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