Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kate's last game for outdoor soccer

The Icebreakers broke the ice!!! Super job girls!!! Awesome job goalie Katie, also defense right and left Katie :). Be aggresive! B E B E A GG R E S I V E!!! LOL The coach gave the girls some fun incentive to winning the game on Sautrday by allowing the team to spray his hair, and the assistant coaches hair BLUE if they worked!!! LOL The girls got the coaches good!!! LOL. There end of the season party was on the hottest day in October :(. Along with playing in the heat, the girls had to eat in this heat. Oh, was it hot!!! Eric and I pulled the pavillion tables in the shade for the kids. The girls played so hard and were just really burned out by the end of the game, so almost everyone of them striped the shoes and socks off at the party. Thank goodness one of the mom's brought a water sprayer and hosed the kids down. I should have taken a picture of was funny! After the girls had pizza they all seemed to get their second wind back :). What a great end of the season get together!

Kate and Jill start indoor soccer in two weeks. Can't wait to scrap more soccer pictures. I need to find some cute soccer papers and stamps. Has anybody seen some cute stuff out in the scrapbook world these days?

Well, I better get off and get the kids to bed. Have a wonderful night everyone :).
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