Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gift Giving Gadget Idea!

I've been super busy and time is flying bye...ugh!  I had to try to slow down this week and finally put an order in for a unique gadget that I thought my sister would like.  She loves to bake with her boys, so I thought this would be fun!  Also, I had to get one too!  LOL  Yep, I got one for my hubby and my girls.  Just something cute and fun to create for parties or school treats.  Back to the gift giving, I actually missed my sisters birthday in December (bad sister here I know...ugh) 2010.  Its hard to get gifts now because she has everything and I have a hard time figuring out what to get, but I guess because I waited so long this Baby Cakes Cake Pop maker caught my eye on Cake Pop and I bought it to send to her.  Here it is:  Its a cake pop maker.  Perfect size cake pops and makes them in 2 minutes flat.  Hope she'll like it!

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