Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emilee's Surgery

Surgery day for Em. Had to be at the hospital at 7:15 AM. She was not wheeled into the operating room until 9AM, so it was a long morning. About an hour for the surgery. We got home around noon. Everything went great with Em's surgery. She had a little problem after the surgery when she woke up with throwing up, but after we got her up and moving around she was great. Doctor said that as soon as he cut thru the muscle and tendin her thumb went straight. She has been moving the hand and thumb around and has full feeling of the thumb. Praise the Lord! Eric, Em and I all feel asleep as soon as we got home. Slept for about 3 hours and then awoke to Eric packing up the car to go to the cottage. He said we all needed to get away. It was nice to just relax up there and do nothing. We even got Em down to the beach for an to sit and watch the water and sunset. Jillie created a sand mermaid for everyone to admire. To cute! Then Em had to make one of her own. Katie and Victoria were just to busy tanning. Girls!!! Auntie Donna and Grandma Cindy were also up, so the girls had a good time spending quality time with their grandma and auntie. Actually, Auntie Donna made Emilee's most fav cake...strawberry cake! Oh was it to die for!!! Super delicious! It was a Paula Dean recipe, see photo's below. There are some cute photo's of Donna and Em making the cake too.

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