Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Planter Pot 2012

Had found some great links to using a terracotta pot and photos of my kids to make a cute Mother's Day present.  Also, you can make them for grandma's, teachers, sisters, aunts, etc...

Print black and white photos ** off on your computer (either with just regular bond paper/photo paper and mod podge:

**IMPORTANT: I used regular paper on mine but my inks from my Canon are water proof and do not bleed, so just make sure that your ink does not smear on your printer. If yours does then maybe do what she says above and print off on photo paper instead. 

  Just know that you use it like glue for the back and you also cover the front of the paper pic printoff's too. So back and front of pictures. But do it in steps, first adhere all the pics to the pot and then use the Mod Podge to coat over everything at the end. It gets like a light milky white over the front of the photos but it dries clear, just make sure that you use a thin coat on the front. Also, you can watch this YOUTUBE to see how they use it (similar use just on a table top):
How To Makeover A Parsons Table with Mod Podge and Stencils from Plaid Craft TV

PS. you do not have to have a brauer roller either, just use your fingers or a Popsicle stick

 here was a couple different ones but I think you probably are thinking about this one:

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