Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glorious Perspective Beauty! I Heart Faces Contest - Amy Wenzel Photography

Amy Wenzel is giving away a seat to one of her popular photography workshops. To enter, "Tell us how you love, serve or inspire other people in your life, and what attending the workshop might mean for your photography journey".

Today as I dropped my girls off at school giving kisses and hugs, I happened to gaze up at the sky and saw such beauty; A bright sunny day, with ducks flying in a v-formation across amazing white puffy clouds. As I pulled off the road to take a few snap shots I pondered at the glorious perspective beauty that I was capturing. I love to share these great snap shots with others. My camera actually does make me stop and as they say it, “smell the roses." In the past, life for me was always go go go, with lots of stress involved due to a deadend banking job. Since taking the step and starting my own business, as a freelance photographer, I just enjoy life so much more! I have my sparkle back and I love to share it and inspire others! I am taking time to photograph babies at our local hospital, so that families will have memories of their little ones to always cherish. I love to capture the beauty of newborn babies, little children, families, engagement photos, animals, landscapes, flowers and more. It just fills me right up with delight! My clients are always giving me great feeback and praise and that makes it so worthwild and rewarding! Quote: Frangrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses. I strive to do this in my photography and daily life.

Amy, I would love to be able to attend one of your workshops and this contest would give me that possible shot. Having you as my teachers would just open up such a wide array of even more creative artistic effects for my photography career. by KJD


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