Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tweet! tweet! what a yummy Easter treat!

Easter Treat Fun! Edible Birdie Nests...stuffed with goodies!

Fun treats that Emilee and I created for niece and nephew gifts.

nuttie peanut butter - 3/4 cup melted
chocolate - 4 cups melted
La Choy Chow Mein noodles - 2 cans

Mix the peanut butter into the noodles and then just add the melted chocolate. Form into nest shapes. I popped ours in the freezer to setup faster. Then just add your candy and wrap in cellophane. Easy does it...the kids surely love it!!!

Also, Emilee made this cute bunny jar in school, which was to be filled with Easter candy. To cute! Great project to make with the little ones. Just need a baby food jar, pink paint, googly eyes, cotton ball for the tail, pink pom pom for the nose, couple snips of yarn for the whiskers, and pipe cleaners for the ears (you could also just cut the ears out of paper.)
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