Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cupcake Card Pops! LOL

Okay, I picked up the above magazine yesterday to help me come up with some new idea's for cards, but this is really nothing new for me (cupcake cards - I have made albums and cards shaped as cupcakes in the past ((check out my scrappin hearts gallery at; however, this did reignited my creative juices and now I am going to take the cake pops idea (see my previous entry regarding cake pops) and the cupcake card idea and merge them together (well not the food part of the I am making Cupcake Card! Just a cute cupcake shaped out of paper and then attaching them to the long sucker sticks. I have a card swap that is due this month and I am going to include these cute cards within cellophane attached to a stick. (Please see card sample that I created below - photo will be posted on Sunday, March 5th at 11 PM.)

I hope the Scrappin' Hearts girls like them!!!
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