Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's my Birthday!

It was a really nice day for a birthday here in thumb. Bright and sunny! Lots of goodies came my way to. The hubby did good! LOL He surprised me with beautiful roses when I woke up in the morning and then the girls jumped on the bed with all their presents/goodies Got my fav Bath & Body - Japanese Cherry Blossom hand soap, Enchanted Orchid Hand Soap, and Sea Island Hand Soap, plus my fav aromatherapy Tranquil Mint Body Lotion...I don't like the perfumes in that scent but I really like the lotion. It does an awesome job with dry skin! Then a few more things from Eric - swim suit and sandals for the beach. The best gift was my new printer. I got it! Yeah!!! It was a nice birthday.

The only bad thing was that my youngest was sick, so we stuck around the house. Had a nice dinner on the grill and a Snickers Cake! Thank you! Thank you! For my special day!
I normally don't ask for anything so this really was a nice day to get all the goodies that came my way.

Okay, now my wish list for mothers day (LOL)...

I really want to get this! I like that I can download my own graphics from my computer to a custom disk and then load to the SLICE. Plus super portable! $149.00. Does any one have any positives or negatives about this product??? Post in my comments area. Thanks!!!

Two vidoe's to watch

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